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An interview with Etch

A quick catch up with one of the brightest talents in UK-rooted soundsystem music, chatting drum breaks, early influences and much more besides. 

Published February 2018 at Loose Lips.



The Acid Jesus Story

A chat with Roman Flugel and Jorn Elling Wuttke, who recorded a seminal run of techno LPs and EPs in the 90s as Acid Jesus (not to mention Alter Ego, Sensorama and many more). 

Published December 2017 at Electronic Beats.



Kink’s guide to an unforgettable live set

The prolific Bulgarian producer goes in deep on his ideas and approaches to his renowned live techno performances. 

Published December 2017 at Electronic Beats.



Subconscious Exploration – an interview with Cera Khin

A Q&A with the Berlin-based artist diving into an exotic blend of obscure global music and dub-soaked experimentation. 

Published December 2017 at Loose Lips.



Collective Rendering – the 90s CGI artwork of Phil Wolstenholme

An insight into the labour-intensive process that went into creating some of the iconic Warp Record artwork in the early 90s. 

Published November 2017 at Red Bull Music Academy Daily.


Krikor Kouchian on the making of Pacific Alley

The long-serving French producer opens up about his production process, in particular the noirish 80s vibe on his album for L.I.E.S. Free instrument racks and FX based on classic drum machines contained within. 

Published October 2017 at Ableton.



DJ Python – Fact Rated

A short but sweet profile on the NYC-based producer fusing reggaeton with deep house and  techno in a genuinely excellent way. 

Published September 2017 at Fact Magazine.



Sote and the experimental scene in Iran

An interview with one of the leading lights in the experimental electronic music scene in Tehran, about the challenges he faces in his career, his collaborations with classical musicians and much more besides. 

Published September 2017 at Fact Magazine.


In The Eko Chamber – dubbing out with Ekoplekz

A quick Q&A with the Bristol-based wild card of lo-fi sonics, dubwise processing and grainy noise. 

Published July 2017 at Loose Lips.


Morton Subotnick on 50 years of Silver Apples Of The Moon

The modular synth pioneer reflects on his career, the development of music technology and his relationship with the Buchla. 

Published July 2017 at Fact Magazine.


Jeff Mills on how sci-fi can take club music to new realms

An interview with the techno legend about his reservations with contemporary club culture and more besides. 

Published May 2017 at The Vinyl Factory.


nickyon banquets at studio.jpg

Nicky Siano on Studio 54

A candid account from the disco pioneer of his time at the infamous NYC nightclub. 

Published April 2017 at The Vinyl Factory.


RAMZi – In a world of her own design

A method and motive-based chat with one of the most exciting artists of recent times, RAMZi. As well as exploring her wide-ranging global music influences, we discussed some of her studio practices when crafting her unique sound worlds. 

Published April 2017 at Ableton.


Jan Jelinek – Sampling Matters

An in-depth interview with a truly inventive artist, focusing on his more recent experimental work with sampling, field recordings, exotica and much more besides. 

Published March 2017 at Resident Advisor.


Aybee in conversation with John Corbett

The visionary electronic music producer talks jazz, improvisation, Sun Ra and more with esteemed Chicago-based jazz writer John Corbett. 

Published January 2017 at Electronic Beats.


Benji B – Turning Points

The influential DJ, promoter and broadcaster talks through some of the key twists in his storied career. 

Published January 2017 at Crack Magazine.



Emika in conversation with Yair Elazar Glotman

The Berlin-based artists discuss the constrictions of the classical music tradition, and how that relates to their chosen paths in electronic music. 

Published November 2016 at Electronic Beats.



Max Richter on his Black Mirror score

The contemporary composer talks about his recent soundtrack for the Nosedive episode of Black Mirror, Series 3. 

Published October 2016 at Fact.



Derrick May & Francesco Tristano in conversation

The long-time collaborators talk about the p:anorig live show and subsequent album release, not to mention getting Derrick back into the studio.

Published October 2016 at Electronic Beats.



Marc Houle’s Buji Tek

An explanation of a free Ableton Live set the minimal techno artist has put together and shared with the world.

Published November 2016 at Ableton. 



Don’t DJ: Moving In Circles

A studio-leaning conversation with polyrhythmic whizz-kid Florian Meyer about his approaches to sequencing, turntable performance and sound design as Don’t DJ. 

Published October 2016 at Ableton.


Healing Force

Healing Force Project: Twin Spirits

A short but sweet profile of the ever-intriguing Antonio Marini, an Italian producer cooking up intoxicating concoctions somewhere between electronics and jazz. 

Published August 2016 at Juno Plus.



Back_up and Restart: Todd Sines

Talking to the veteran US producer about his long and varied career based around a fine afternoon in Berlin in the summertime. 

Published July 2016 at Juno Plus.


Steevio_Pic3 (Not Exclusive)

A Guide To Modular Synthesis with Steevio

The Freerotation founder and modular techno standard bearer gives a detailed run-through of his system, from the sequencers to the filters and everything in between. 

Published April 2016 at XLR8R.



Kowton – The Essence Of Reductionism

Sitting down with the Livity Sound co-founder over a lovely cuppa in Peckham to talk about his debut album Utility, and the broader aspects of his career to date.

Published April 2016 at Juno Plus.



Searching For A Feeling – Area & Kimochi Sound

Time spent chatting with the man also known as m50 about his wonderful Chicago-based label and personal music endeavours. 

Published February 2016 at Juno Plus.


marco bernardi

Marco Bernardi – Elevator Music

Getting to know the Bristol based Italo-Scotsman responsible for some of the finest electro, techno and other such hardware based business to come from the UK. 

Published November 2015 at Juno Plus.



Stefan Schwander – New Roots Muziek

Catching up with Stefan Schwander, who has been delighting the ears of those that know for many moons with projects such as Harmonious Thelonious, Repeat Orchestra, Antonelli Electr. and more.

Published August 2015 at Juno Plus.



Space In Which To Build: Aaron ‘Fit’ Siegel

A profile on one of the hardest working men in the Detroit electronic music scene, whose productions are as worthy as his label and distribution work. 

Published July 2015 at Juno Plus.


Devine Press1

Soundtracking the future with Richard Devine

Going deep into synthesis and sound design with one of the leading lights of electronic music development, from electric cars to ultrasonic recordings of bats. 

Published June 2015 at Juno Plus.



Hodge: Storming In The Room

A profile of the fast-rising Bristol producer centred around an interview in his home studio.

Published March 2015 at Resident Advisor.


BAT bnjmn

BNJMN & BAT: Exchange Programme

A conversation with British producer BNJMN and US artist Best Available Technology about their remote collaboration and the ensuing album.

Published February 2015 at Juno Plus.



Hypnobeat: An 808 Odyssey

Time spent in Paris talking with James Dean Brown and Helena Hauff about their live collaborative project Hypnobeat, charting its origins back to the early 80s in Frankfurt.

Published January 2015 at Resident Advisor.


marco shuttle1

Making Transitions: The evolution of Marco Shuttle

An interview with Italian producer Marco Shuttle around the release of his debut album ‘Visione’, a bold step from deep, focused techno into wilder realms of sound design and atmospherics.

Published  November 2014 at Juno Plus.



Behind The Groove: Burnt Friedman and the quest for secret rhythms

An illuminating and drawn out discussion with German composer and producer Burnt Friedman, touching on the politics of rhythm, the dogmatic Western tradition of 4/4 timing and his own rich and varied life in music. 

Published October 2014 at Juno Plus.


mv_hiresLabel of the Month: Public Possession

A profile of the steady rising Public Possession label and shop coming straight out of Munich, spearheaded by Marvin & Valentino who also record damn fine music as part of Tambien.

Published August 2014 at Resident Advisor.


The element of surprise: Introducing Herva

Profiling the wild styles of Italian producer Herva ahead of the release of his second album ‘Instant Broadcast’.

Published August 2014 at Juno Plus.



Surgeon: Plugging into the moment

An interview with techno stalwart Surgeon about his unique approach to performance and blurring the boundaries between DJing and playing live. 

Published August 2014 at Ableton.


hph_quantic.jpg__615x341_q85_crop_upscaleQuantic: Natural Attraction

An in-depth Q&A with Will Holland for the Ableton site, exploring his methods and practices that went into new album ‘Magnetica’.

Published May 2014 at Ableton.



Approaching With Caution: The emergence of Vester Koza

A lengthy chat with up and coming house and techno producer Vester Koza about his entry into a hectic scene and the motives behind his approach to music.

Published May 2014 at Juno Plus.



A Fresh Take: Rene Audiard & Blank Slate

A profile on the multi-faceted work of Soren Jahan, a supremely talented producer involved in a multitude of excellent labels and projects, with particular focus given to his damn fine Blank Slate imprint.

Published May 2014 at Juno Plus.



Bugging The System – An interview with Tom Bugs

A Saturday morning well spent in the company of Tom Bugs, a lone-wolf hardware manufacturer creating the finest in modular and outboard audio gear for those who like things analogue. Features some lovely photos from his Bristol workshop courtesy of Limbo Lane.

Published April 2014 at Juno Plus.



Start At The Beginning: Getting to know DJ Guy

Digging into the sizable back story of a little known legend of UK electronic music, DJ Guy, from early days at the forefront of rave culture in Cardiff to getting notoriety with a release on All Caps.

Published February 2014 at Juno Plus.


Pal Joey 200x160

Pal Joey: A Fairy Tale Of New York

A rare interview with the elusive New York house legend behind forward thinking dancefloor gems such as “Dance”, “Hot Music” and “Reach Up To Mars”, not to mention a history working in Vinylmania, Power Play Studios and starring in Boogie Down Prod. videos.

Published November 2013 at Resident Advisor


Fishermen 200x160

Marine Technology: An interview with Fishermen

Profiling one of the most vital projects to emerge from the vibrant Swedish techno scene in all their aquatic glory.

Published November 2013 at Juno Plus


Five Records: Peverelist

Going through five choice cuts that matter to Bristol don of all things unclassifiable, Peverelist

Published October 2013 at Juno Plus.


Pye Corner Audio: More wood for the fire

Getting to know one of the more mysterious entities to appear through the mists of spooky, analogue library music

Published September 2013 at Juno Plus.



Jared Wilson: Autonomous Entity

Profiling one of the more singular purveyors of acid house to emerge from Detroit. 

Published August 2013 at Juno Plus.



Of Basements and Buckfast: The Dixon Avenue Basement Jams Story

An interview with Dan and Kenny, the pair of Scots behind one of the most interesting UK labels to emerge in the murk between house and techno.

Published June 2013 at Juno Plus.



DJ Gregory: A certain point

Going in-depth with one of the mainstays of the Parisian house scene, based around a day in the French capital.

Published May 2013 at Resident Advisor.



Keeping the wheels in motion: The Cyclist

An introduction to a vital young talent in the field of crusty, tape-warped electronica. 

Published May 2013 at Juno Plus.



Kahn & Neek: Keepers of the flame

Catching up with the Bristol-based producers behind the Bandulu imprint, the Gorgon Sound project, and a whole host of bass pressure and soundsystem ideology.

Published March 2013 at Juno Plus.



Frak: A Life Less Ordinary

A hefty interview with the Swedish techno trio that have been in action since 1987, based around their debut UK performance.

Published February 2013 at Resident Advisor.



A Life In Sound: Borai’s Potted Guide To Bristol

A scattered snapshot of fragments the Bristol scene old and new, as guided by Borai and his many ventures around the city.

Published February 2013 at Juno Plus.


stephen bishop

Electronics & Scuzz: A discussion with Opal Tapes’ Stephen Bishop

An in-depth interview with the man behind one of the most striking and intriguing of the cassette labels out there at the moment.

Published January 2013 at Juno Plus.



Dial it in until it feels true: An interview with Bass Clef

A pleasant natter with Ralph Cumbers about his many ventures, his methods, and the bigger idea behind it all.

Published September 2012 at Juno Plus.


west norwood

A Family Affair: West Norwood Cassette Library

A cheeky Q&A with the ever-charming Bob Bhamra, the man behind the excellent West Norwood Cassette Library venture.

Published September 2012 at Juno Plus.



Livity Sound: A Minimum Of Fuss

A rare interview with Asusu, Kowton and Pev as their Livity Sound project was first gathering momentum in the summer of 2012. The piece was originally intended for publication in local newspaper / zine Tape-Echo, hence the local Bristolian slant and informal tone.

Previously unpublished. 


dj nature

DJ Nature: Necessary Ruffness

Talking rugged house dynamics with the Bristol-born, New York-based hero Milo Johnson.

Published August 2012 at Juno Plus.



Heartstrings and the neon-lit allure of the night: Going the distance with Royalty

Getting to know the boogie-infused production duo of Chesca and E-Bow.

Published June 2012 at Juno Plus.



Modular techno, acid rock and Freerotation: A discussion with Steevio

A deeper look at the artist behind one of the finest electronic music festivals in the world.

Published June 2012 at Juno Plus.


magic mountain high

Instant, honest rave: Behind the scenes with Magic Mountain High

The results of a fractured Skype chat with David Moufang, Gal Aner and Jordan Czamanski, better known as Move D and Juju & Jordash.

Published May 2012 at Juno Plus



Young Echo: Wayward signals

An overview of the Bristol-based collective fusing dubstep, trip hop, noise, drone and so much more, based around one of their infamous Sunday night radio broadcasts.

Published April 2012 at Juno Plus.



Boddika: Rage within the machines

Getting a chat on with the ex-Instra:mental man about his hardware production, his Nonplus imprint, and plenty more besides.

Published January 2012 at Juno Plus.



Kuedo: Pastures New

Getting into the nitty gritty with Kuedo around the launch of his debut album ‘Severant’.

Published October 2011 at Juno Plus.



Playing Favourites – Martyn

The noted Dutch dubstep artist goes deep on some of the music that is important to him, including DJ Duke, Public Enemy and Autechre.

Published October 2011 at Resident Advisor.



Playing Favourites – Lerosa

A whirl through some treasured records that Leopoldo Rosa holds dear, from Miles Davis and Sly & Robbie to Peter Gabriel and Eurhythmics.

Published August 2011 at Resident Advisor.


Into The Light: October

An in-depth chat with the Bristol-based house & techno producer, featuring guest appearances from Borai and Appleblim.

Published March 2011 in I-DJ Magazine.


The Thuringen crew

Brief profiles on Robag Wruhme, Enliven Deep Acoustics, Das Krause Duo and Ian Simmonds.

Published June 2010 in I-DJ Magazine.


L.A. Confidential Part 3: Meet The Brainfeeders

Short interviews with Flying Lotus, The Gaslamp Killer, Samiyam and Ras G.

Published October 2010 in I-DJ Magazine.


L.A. Confidential Part 5: Questions and Answers with Nosaj Thing

A brief Q&A with the Alpha Pup artist.

Published October 2010 in I-DJ Magazine.


L.A. Confidential Part 9: The Lonesome L.A. Cowboy

A pleasant chat with maverick beat-slinger Kenneth J. Gibson.

Published October 2010 in I-DJ Magazine.


L.A Confidential Part 10: The Ambassador of Funk

A few moments talking shop with the inimitable Dam Funk.

Published October 2010 in I-DJ Magazine.


Ark200x160Ark: Phoneixark

A profile on one of the maddest cats in the history of French house music.

Published May 2010 at Resident Advisor


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